Saturday, May 23, 2015

Azure File Service IO with Elasto on Linux

In an earlier post I described the basics of the Microsoft Azure File Service, and how it can be used on Linux with the cifs.ko kernel client.

Since that time I've been hacking away on the Elasto cloud storage client, to the point that it now (with version 0.6.0) supports Azure File Service share provisioning as well as file and directory IO.

To play with Elasto yourself:
  • Install the packages
  • Download your Azure PublishSettings credentials
  • Run
    elasto_cli -s Azure_PublishSettings_File -u afs://
Keep in mind that Elasto is still far from mature, so don't be surprised if it corrupts your data or causes a fire.
With the warning out of the way, I'd like to thank:
  • My employer SUSE Linux, for supporting my Elasto development efforts during Hack Week.
  • Samba Experience conference organisers, for giving me the chance to talk about the project.
  • Kdenlive developers, for writing great video editing software.

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