Monday, December 30, 2013

Git send-email PATCH version subject prefix

I use git send-email to submit patches to developer mailing lists. A reviewer may request a series of changes, in which case I find it easiest to make and test those changes locally, before sending a new round of patches to the mailing list with a new version number:

git send-email --subject-prefix="PATCH v4" --compose -14

Assigning a version number to each round of patches allows me to add a change log for the entire patch-set to the introductory mail, e.g.:
From: David Disseldorp 
Subject: [PATCH v4 00/14] add compression ioctl support

This patch series adds support for the FSCTL_GET_COMPRESSION and
FSCTL_SET_COMPRESSION ioctls, as well as the reporting of the current
compression state via the FILE_ATTRIBUTE_COMPRESSED flag.

Hooks are added to the Btrfs VFS module, which translates such requests
into corresponding FS_IOC_GETFLAGS and FS_IOC_SETFLAGS ioctls.

Changes since v3 (thanks for the feedback Jeremy):
- fixed and split copy-chunk dest unlock change into separate commit

Changes since v2:
- Check for valid fsp file descriptors
- Rebase atop filesystem specific selftest changes
- Change compression fsctl permission checks to match Windows behaviour
  + Add corresponding smbtorture test

Changes since v1:
- Only use smb_fname and fsp args with GET_COMPRESSION. The smb_fname
  argument is only needed for the dosmode() code-path, fsp is used
  everywhere else.
- Add an extra SetInfo(FILE_ATTRIBUTE_COMPRESSED) test.

GIT: [PATCH v4 01/14] selftest/s3: expose share with FS applicable config

Change logs can also be added to individual patches using the --annotate parameter:

git send-email --annotate --subject-prefix="PATCH v2" -1
 Subject: [PATCH v2] common: add CephFS support
Changes since version 1:
- Remove -ceph parameter for check and rely on $FSTYP instead
diff --git a/README.config-sections b/README.config-sections

Putting the change log between the first "---" and "diff --git a/..." lines ensures that it will be dropped when applying the patch via git-am.

[update 2016-11-03]
- Describe the --annotate parameter 

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  1. "git send-email --annotate -v2 -1" will achieve the same.


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