Monday, November 18, 2013

Samba Server-Side Copy Offload

I recently implemented server-side copy offload support for Samba 4.1, along with Btrfs filesystem specific enhancements. This video compares server-side copy performance with traditional copy methods.

A few notes on the demonstration:
  • The Windows Server 2012 client and Samba server are connected via an old 100 Mb/s switch, which obviously acts as a network throughput bottleneck in the traditional copy demonstration.
  • The Samba server resembles the 4.1.0 code-base, but includes an extra patch to disable server-side copy requests on the regular share.

Many thanks to:
  • My colleagues at SUSE Linux, for supporting my implementation efforts.
  • The Samba Team, particularly Metze and Jeremy, for reviewing the code.
  • Kdenlive developers, for writing a great video editing suite.

Update (July, 2014): Usage is now fully documented on the Samba Wiki.


  1. Hi, Is this implemented only for SMB2 or is it implemented in SMB1 also ?

  2. It's implemented in Samba for SMB2+


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